Outsourcing information and FAQ

Why Outsource Services?
Goods have been produced globally in capable lower-cost manufacturing areas for decades (think China now or Japan 40 years ago). Through advances in telecommunications, the internet, and information technology, it is now possible and feasible to provide services from capable lower-cost areas also. In fact it is not only feasible; it is inevitable.

For what services is Outsourcing particularly advantageous?

  • Website design and development, software development
  • Software support, Help Desk, Call Center
  • Data Entry / Transcription

What factors are important in an outsourcing location?

  • Education level, Computer literacy, Technical Skills
  • Telecommunications, infrastructure
  • Cost of Living
  • Work Ethic
  • Language
  • Location; proximity to U.S.

Why is the English-speaking Caribbean an ideal outsourcing environment for U.S. businesses?

  • Education levels and technical skill levels are high.
  • Telecommunications capabilities are good, and like the US, continuing to improve.
  • The English Caribbean speaks the same language as the US, has common technology standards, and has familiarily with US cultural and business environments.
  • The cost of living is substantially lower than the US, so it is very cost-effective to source services there. And due to higher unemployment and cultural traditions, turnover is generally very low.
    So you can establish long-term relationships without continual retraining or re-orientation.
  • The English Caribbean is in the same time zone or within one hour of the Eastern US, so real-time communication during business hours is a given. This offers particular advantages over outsourcing to Asia or Europe.

What are the Logistics; how can a US company best manage outsourcing?

  • We at CaribbeanBackOffice have a US-based affiliate, Florida Logic, for account management and project management. So our US clients have the convenience of a local contact, and the benefits of offshore outsourcing.